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The most common method for replacing bearings

Bearing is a mechanical industry using a wide range of requirements and strict supporting parts and the foundation, known as the mechanical joints. Bearing structure is simple and complex, its development not only needs to consider the materials, manufacturing processes and application conditions, but also involves large-scale calculation and analysis. Most of the current bearing industry using the traditional 2DCAD design method, based on the calculation of Excel and pure 3D tool structure design and analysis, and the use of simple bearing design system for research and development, and therefore the domestic bearing industry is generally low R & D and innovation, product reliability and service life can not meet the current technical requirements, but also make the production capacity is low, enterprise production can not reach scale effect.

Imported bearing ring machining process imported bearing inner ring and the outer ring of the processing vary according to different raw materials or semi-finished product form, which car before machining process can be divided into the following three, the whole process for bar or pipe material (some bar for forging and annealing, normalizing, machining, heat treatment, grinding, lapping or polishing, final inspection on parts, rust, storage ---- (to be combined with a suit).

Change is the most common method for bearing two: A is with oxygen acetylene on bearing directly heating; another is the miniature bearings with oil immersion heating, to expand, expand the inner diameter of the bearing, to assembly. These methods have been widely used in equipment maintenance in the long term, which basically meet and solve the problem of bearing assembly in equipment maintenance.

With the increase of equipment and technical level, the domestic enterprises import substitution has begun to change from the yaw and FAG bearing field to the spindle bearing and gear box bearing development.
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