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Ball bearings: two the inner ring of the roller and the outer ring of the spherical surface. The center of curvature of the outer ring of the outer ring is in line with the center of the bearing, so it has the same function as the automatic adjustment of the heart ball bearing. In the shaft, the shell appears to flex, can be automatically adjusted, not to increase the bearing burden. The axial load of spherical roller bearings can bear radial load and two directions. Radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load, impact load. Is the inner diameter of cone bearing, can be directly installed. Or use the fastening sleeve, the disassembly cylinder is arranged on the cylinder axis. Cage, polyamide forming holder and copper alloy car holder.

The ball bearing ball bearing can bear large radial load, but also can bear certain axial load. This kind of bearing outer ring raceway is spherical shape, so it is self-aligning performance, when the axial force bending or tilt the inner center line and center of the outer ring line relative slope up to a maximum of 1 to 2.5 degrees bearing can still work.

Self-aligning ball bearings are cylindrical and conical two. Taper bore of 1:1 2 or 1:30. In order to strengthen the lubrication performance of the bearing, the bearing outer ring of the oil groove and the oil hole is processed on the outer ring of the bearing.