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What are the factors that affect the life of the bearing

The so-called bearing damage state is the bearing of the rolling wheel, roller and cage in the rotation of the sharp heat until the color, softening, welding and damage. The main cause of the bearing burn is due to poor lubrication of the bearing, may use the irregular lubricant, or excessive lubricant, too little, are not correct.

The second is probably too large load (pressure is too large, too large) speed, clearance is too small, water or other foreign bodies penetrated. If the above two cases are not so that the shaft, bearing box of poor accuracy, shaft deflection. See here, I think we all want to know how to solve it. First of all, to study the lubrication and lubrication method, the selection of bearing lubricant, and its dosage, and to correct the choice of bearing. Research to coordinate, bearing clearance and pre pressure, and improve the sealing device. Accuracy of inspection shaft and bearing box.

In bearing use, should pay attention to the installation, lubrication, clearance of each link are accurate as far as possible, in place. General meaning of bearing fatigue life is refers to certain technical conditions (structure, state of the art, fit, install, clearance and lubrication state and) rolling bearings, run in a host of practical use until rolling surface fatigue and the host can not meet the requirements of bearing, the outer ring (shaft, a seat) relative rotation number value, total number of revolutions. When bearing turns more or less constant or is known, fatigue life can be used with the total number of revolutions corresponding total working hours number said that in addition, it should also be noted:

(1) there are many factors that affect the fatigue life of the bearing, which can be eliminated by the standard test condition. The fatigue life of the bearing is very large. So the expression parameters of bearing fatigue life are rated life L10, and the meaning of L10 is defined as follows: R281:

"A large enough number the same batch of bearings and the rated life of L10 use Revolution (or when the speed is constant with the number of hours said, the number of bearing is 90% in before the fatigue spalling can reach or exceed the speed (or hours). So far, all the countries in the world have complied with the above provisions.

In the United States and other countries, but also with the concept of median life. Median life LM is refers to a number of identical NSK Bearings of the value of life, refers to which 50% of NSK Bearings in front of the fatigue spalling can reach or exceed the total number of revolutions, or in a certain speed work from time to time number and median life LM is not a group of bearing life of arithmetic average value. Average median life expectancy of LM is 5 times the rated life.

(2) the concept of rated life is only suitable for a sufficient number of NSK bearings, and not suitable for individual NSK bearings. For example, there are 6204 sets of 40 bearings according to their rated life expectancy of 1000h without fatigue damage, and the remaining 4 sets are likely to be less than 1000h, the fatigue failure of bearings, the significance of the fatigue life of the bearing in normal play its material potential can be expected to live. Therefore, in most cases, the user in the selection of the bearing is still the first to make a fatigue life calculation, and then according to the actual failure categories to check, for example, the wear life check, the smaller value of the calculation results for the bearing life.
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