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The difference between the vibrating type and ordinary type

First, the first to say the rolling bearing vibration, rolling bearing vibration type of internal and external ring and rolling element using vacuum degassing bearing steel, good fatigue performance. And the cage is made of aluminum iron manganese bronze material, high strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance.

Two, look at the rolling bearing ordinary type, rolling bearing ordinary type of inner and outer ring and rolling element bearing steel. There is to keep the frame with zinc brass material, low strength, poor elasticity.

So, how to choose is to use rolling bearing vibration or rolling bearing ordinary type? The following three points for reference:

1.Fixed load, fixed load is the synthesis of radial load vector and relatively static ring.

2.The rotary load characteristics, rotating load is relative to the rotating ring radial load vector synthesis.

3.The swinging load is the load that the rotary load is much smaller than the fixed load. Load swing is refers to some ring load may sometimes rotating load, sometimes is fixed load, sometimes is also the load swing.

Total said to, vibration type rolling bearing ring and a shaft or the seat hole, need certain fit or transition fit and interference size on the rolling bearing under load when working, the rolling bearing ring on the shaft or the seat hole with surface does not produce "creeping" phenomenon as the principle.
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