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Asia bearing demand to promote the rapid development of the world bearings

As the economy continues to grow, many developed countries in the world to increase investment in fixed assets, the bearing market will be a new growth trend. According to industry survey firm on the global bearing market forecast analysis report shows that the global ball bearings, roller bearings and sliding bearing demand is expected to grow at a rate of 8.5% per year, by 2014 will reach $76000000000, of which the unloading type of ball bearing and roller bearing the largest demand. The Asia Pacific region is the most robust growth momentum. Raw material prices become more reasonable, and developing regions manufacturers to bring the growing pressure from international competition, these are from a certain extent, stabilize the price increases.

The report noted that the Asia Pacific region's bearing demand growth will be the most robust, in which China's bearing demand will be 12% annual growth rate in the first row. The growth of China's bearing demand has benefited from its industrialization, and continued growth in the manufacturing sector. As of 2009, China has become the world's largest motor vehicle manufacturing power, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity for the bearing manufacturers sales growth. The report predicts that by 2014 China's bearing demand will account for nearly 50% of global demand, and in 2019 than in North America, Western Europe, and Japan's three largest country of demand.

From the previous development, the United States, Western Europe and Japan and other developed regions of the bearing demand growth and developing countries have slowed down; but in 2014, the situation does not appear in the world's developed regions, because many developed countries (especially motor vehicles) in the 2007~2009 years after the setback and slump, bearing demand rebounded. With the strong recovery of motor vehicle, and durable goods manufacturing rapid growth, these areas bearing demand will also increase.
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