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Thrust ball bearings for pure axial thrust load design, with unidirectional and bidirectional design, and a spherical seat, compensation angle alignment error. Split design makes the installation more simple and convenient.

Thrust ball bearings by a list of steel ball (with cage), a shaft ring (and shaft tight fit) and a seat (and axial clearance and the bearing seat hole with tight fitted) composition, and a steel ball in the rotation between the shaft ring and ring. Can only bear a direction of the axial load, can not bear radial load. Since the axial load is uniformly distributed on each steel ball, the load capacity is larger; but when working, the temperature rise is larger, and the limit speed is lower.

Thrust ball bearing can limit shaft or shell radial movement, but the axial movement of the limit shaft and housing in one direction. Therefore, this kind of bearing usually with a deep groove ball bearing combined use of. In the case of the shaft, the axis of the shaft and the housing hole must be kept in the same line, otherwise the bearing will be damaged due to the stress concentration. In order to eliminate the adverse phenomenon, between the circle diameter and housing hole 0.5 ~ 1mm radial clearance. The center line of the shaft and the bearing surface of the shell should be ensured to be vertical, and the shaft is not allowed to tilt and bending, otherwise it will be due to the uneven distribution of the load bearing premature damage. In order to eliminate the tilt of the axis of the bearing can be in the seat of the supporting surface pad by elastic materials, such as resistance to oil, rubber, leather, or the ball seat plane thrust ball bearings.

The thrust ball bearing is a kind of separation type bearing, which is divided into two types according to its structural form, which is one way thrust ball and two way thrust ball bearing. Single direction thrust ball bearings can withstand a direction of the axial load, two-way thrust ball bearing can bear the axial load in two directions. They are not subjected to radial loads.

Thrust ball bearing and seat belt structure, due to the installation of seat cushion Miancheng spherical shape, so the bearing has self-aligning performance, can reduce the influence of the installation error. Thrust ball bearings are mainly used in automobile, machine tools and other industries.