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Angular contact ball bearing, which can bear radial load and axial load at the same time, also can bear the pure axial load, the limit speed is higher. The bearing capacity of the bearing is determined by the contact angle, the contact angle is large and the capacity of the bearing is high. The definition of the contact angle, radial plane connecting ball and raceway contact line and a coaxial bearing vertical degree.

Single row angular contact ball bearing has the following structural forms:
(1) The type of angular contact ball bearing is a symbol of S70000, and the outer ring of the bearing is not locked, and can be separated from the inner ring, cage and ball assembly so as to be respectively installed. This kind of micro bearings with inner diameter less than 10mm, for the gyro rotor, the micro motor and so on the dynamic balance, noise, vibration and stability are higher requirements of the device.
(2) Raceway non separation type angular contact ball bearings the bearings are locked, so the two rings can not be separated. According to the contact angle, the contact angle is divided into three kinds: the contact angle is =40, and it is suitable for bearing large axial load.
(3) The angular contact ball bearings arranged in pairs are used for the angular contact ball bearing for the same time as the radial load and axial load, and the axial load of the radial load and either direction can also be subjected. This kind of bearing is supplied by the manufacturer according to a certain pre load requirement, and the matching combination is made in pairs. When the bearing is mounted on the machine after fastening, the complete elimination of the bearing clearance and make ball ring and the key link in the pre tightening condition, so as to improve the composition of bearing steel.

Single row angular contact ball bearing with radial load, axial combined load, also can bear radial load, in addition to the series configuration, the other two configurations can withstand the axial load in either direction. Additional axial force will be caused by the radial load. Therefore generally used in pairs, do any pairing of bearing assembly, bearing mounted in pairs according to the combination of the outer ring of the different end is divided into: the back-to-back configuration, in the face of surface configuration, tandem configuration (also known as: O type configuration, X type configuration, a T-shaped configuration)

1. The back-to-back configuration, rear code for DB (such as 70000/DB), the load line to back pair of bearing the bearing axis to separate. Can bear the axial load in two directions, but the load in each direction can only be subjected to a bearing. Installed to provide back-to-back bearing relatively high rigidity of the bearing configuration, and can withstand overturning moment.
2. Face to face configuration, post code named DF (such as 70000/DF), the face of the bearing load line to the bearing axis of the bearing shaft. Can bear the axial load in two directions, but the load in each direction can only be subjected to a bearing. This configuration is not as good as back-to-back pair of high rigidity, but less suitable to withstand overturning moment. The configuration of the rigidity and the ability to withstand the overturning moment is not as good as the DB configuration, the bearing can bear two-way axial load;
3. The series configuration is DT (if 70000/DT), and the load line is parallel, the radial and axial load is shared by the bearing. However, the bearing group can only bear the axial load in one direction. If the axial load acting on the opposite direction, or if there is a composite load, it is necessary to add a relatively series of third bearing adjustment bearing. This configuration can also be in series with the same support at three or more bearings, but can only bear a single direction of the axial load. Usually, in order to balance and limit the axial displacement of the shaft, the other support is required to install the bearing can withstand the axial load of the bearing.

In addition, there is a single row angular contact ball bearings for any pair of matching. This bearing the special processing, two back to back, two face to face or two series such as arbitrary combination, paired combinations of axial clearance can choose according to need, the post code CA said axial clearances CB said moderate axial clearance, CC expressed large axial clearance. Universal matching bearings, can also be used to configure the required to have a surplus of bearings, and later set code GA, GB, GC said. GA indicates that there is a small interference after pairing; GB indicates that there is a medium to a surplus after pairing; GC indicates that there is a large pre interference after pairing.