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Linear bearing

Linear movement bearing is a kind of bearing, because in the bearing of various kinds of bearings is too much, the proportion of the bearings in the current industry is very much.

Linear motion rolling bearings is in between the relative motion between the parts adds the rolling elements of kinematic pair, parts mainly is the rolling friction, so it has frictional factor is small, easy starting, flexible action, life long, consumes less energy and is not easy to produce creep characteristics. Linear motion rolling support is mainly used for reciprocating linear motion of the flat and circular guide, rolling instead of sliding, but its development is far behind in rolling bearings, although the development is relatively long, has a relatively complete product variety and scale of the special, cattle, but from the overall point of view, whether it is structural type, specifications, varieties, or production applications are far less than the rolling axis, the standard is relatively low, perfect standard system has not been fully established.

China's linear motion rolling bearing has started earlier than abroad, a few days before the product variety, specifications, production scale is small, the product development is very uneven, some of which have formed a series of production: such as roller guide bearings, linear motion ball bearing. In recent years, the rapid development of linear motion rolling support, the international standard of the organization has also developed a number of standards. It is mainly used in the mechanical parts processing, CNC machine tools, machine tools, high speed, precision machining, CNC machine tools, machine tools, automatic tracking machine and stamping die.
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